Southern Tree Dwelling Funnel-Web Spider


DISCLAIMER: Highly Venomous, Potentially Deadly, 18+ Only

Southern Tree-Dwelling Funnel-Web Spider (Hadronyche cerberea)

Size: 70mm max

Distribution: Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra regions, NSW

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Southern Tree-Dwelling Funnel-Web Spider (Hadronyche cerberea)

DISCLAIMER: Highly Venomous, Potentially Deadly. Prior spider keeping experience is required, only for ages 18+. Please read safety page before purchasing.

The Southern tree-dwelling funnel-web is a unique funnel web species as it burrows exclusively in trees. They are abundant throughout the southern half of NSW and grow to around 70mm in leg span. They are one of only two tree-dwelling species of funnel-web, the other being the Northern tree-dwelling funnel-web (H. formidabilis). They generally have a light brown colouring to their abdomen, making them easily distinguishable from other Hadronyche.

Funnel-web spiders need no introduction, they are well known as one the most venomous spider families on Earth. These spiders are an absolute thrill to keep, being voracious feeders and highly defensive. While these spiders are potentially deadly, they cannot climb smooth surfaces, making them somewhat easier to handle than other spiders such as Tarantulas. Some funnel-webs may exhibit colour variation, ranging from black to brownish-red. Some individuals may change from black to brownish-red between moults and vice-versa.

  • Highly venomous, potentially deadly
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are reccomended
  • Will bite if provoked, use caution at all times
  • Requires deep moist substrate to survive and create burrows
  • Cannot climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate

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