Selenotypus Plumipes “Northern Form”


Selenotypus sp. Plumipes “Northern Form” (Selenotypus sp.)

Size: 150mm max

Distribution: Inland Far North Queensland

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Selenotypus sp. Plumipes “Northern Form” (Selenotypus sp.)

Selenotypus sp, also known as the Australian Featherleg Tarantula among other common names is Tarantula species that inhabits much of inland North Queensland. Despite having a smaller leg span, Selenotypus generally tend to be a much heavier set than Phlogius. They are known for their beautiful varying colours of orange and red-browns.

The Plumipes group is the largest group of Selenotypus in the hobby, reaching a maximum adult size of about 150mm leg span. They are also highly unique among Selenotypus, possessing the iconic  hairy rear legs, dubbed “feather legs”. This locality comes from inland Far North Queensland.

  • Mildly venomous, can inflict a painful bite
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are recommended
  • Requires moist substrate to dwell in
  • Can climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate
  • Can live up to 20 years


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