Phlogius sp. Hirsutus


Phlogius sp. Hirsutus (Phlogius sp.)

Size: 180mm max

Distribution: Eungella range, North Queensland

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Phlogius sp. Hirsutus (Phlogius sp.)

Phlogius sp. Tarantulas are the largest growing spiders found in Australia, sometimes reaching a 200mm leg span. They are well regarded as the best pet Tarantulas available to the Australian hobby due to their fast growth rate and large maximum size. Depending on how much they are fed, they can reach maturity in as little as 2 years. These tarantulas are found across much of north Queensland in habitats ranging from arid scrubland to euclaytupus riverine forests to dense rainforest. These spiders exhibit stunning post moult colours, often turning a dark blue-brown colour after a moult. These spiders are very long lived and some females may live longer then 20 years.

Phlogius sp. Hirsutus comes from the southern group of Phlogius. They can be found around the Eungella ranges, approximately 100km east of Mackay. This locality is known for their very hirsute (hairy) appearance, which is their namesake. Hirsutus is a heavy set phlogius, being from the southern group, and can reach an impressive 180mm leg span.

  • Mildly venomous, can inflict a painful bite
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are recommended
  • Requires moist substrate to dwell in
  • Can climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate
  • Can live up to 20 years



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