Eastern Mouse Spider


DISCLAIMER: Highly Venomous, Potentially Deadly, 18+ Only

Eastern Mouse Spider (Missulena bradleyi)

Size: 40mm max

Distribution: Widespread across the Eastern coast of Australia

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Eastern Mouse Spider (Missulena bradleyi)

DISCLAIMER: Highly Venomous, Potentially Deadly. Prior spider keeping experience is required, only for ages 18+. Please read safety page before purchasing.

The Eastern Mouse Spider is a remarkably unqiue spider with a fascinating, almost comical stubby appearance which makes it very easy to identify. These spiders are very reclusive and are rarely seen outside their burrows, only ever emerging to capture prey. These spiders build unique burrows with sock-like openings that are extremely well camoflauged and virtually invisible which makes them very difficult to find. Eastern Mouse Spiders tend to be forest dwelling and are widespread in both coastal and inland areas across much of southern Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This species is known to have very potent venom that shares characteristrics with that of funnel-web spiders, therefore caution is advised when keeping these spiders.

  • Highly venomous, potentially deadly
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are recommended
  • Will bite if provoked, use caution at all times
  • Requires deep moist substrate to survive and create burrows
  • Cannot climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate

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