Cormocephalus westwoodi


Centipede (Cormocephalus westwoodi)

Size: 120mm max

Distribution: New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania

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Centipede (Cormocephalus westwoodi)

Cormocephalus westwoodi is a large centipede, growing to about 120mm max in body length. They are widespread across the east coast of Australia and inhabit a variety of habitats. They are most commonly encountered amongst leaf litter and under rocks, logs and bark. They are formidable predators and will prey on anything they can overpower. When threatened, these centipedes will usually choose to flee but can inflict a painful bite.

  • Mildly venomous, can inflict a painful bite
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are reccomended
  • Requires moist substrate to dwell in
  • Cannot climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate