Australian Giant Centipede “NSW Tiger Form”


Australian Giant Centipede “NSW Tiger Form” (Ethmostigmus rubripes)

Size: 200mm max

Distribution: Northern NSW



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Australian Giant Centipede “NSW Tiger Form” (Ethmostigmus rubripes)

The Australian Giant Centipede is the largest species of centipede in Australia. Adults are usually between 120-150mm in length, with some individuals reaching 200mm. This species is found Australia wide in a range of habitats from rainforest to desert. Coming from such a variety of habitats, they exhibit stunning diversity, coming in many different colour morphs ranging from green to dark blue. They have a life span that averages around 10 years.

The NSW Tiger locale comes from NE New South Wales and can be found in a variety of habitats, from sub-tropical rainforest to dry scrubland. This locale is the most common in the hobby and one of the largest growing.

  • Mildly venomous, can inflict a painful bite
  • Feeds on live insects, crickets are reccomended
  • Requires moist substrate to dwell in
  • Cannot climb smooth surfaces
  • Listed sizes are approximate



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