Australian Funnel-Webs (Atracidae) are perhaps one of the most notorious spider families from Australia. The three main genera of Funnel-Web  include Hadronyche, Atrax and IllawarraThese spiders are often highly defensive when in the open but timid when a retreat is available. This spider is Highly Venomous and Potentially Deadly.  Please read safety page before purchasing. They are incredibly entertaining feeders with a voracious appetite. They are obligate burrowers and can be found burrowing in and around structures such as rocks and logs. They are a thill to keep while you observe them mature and grow.  Every individual has a unique personality colour variations and building style. Their distinctive and fascinating behaviors make them an phenomenal observational pet.

Their primary distribution is along the east coast of Australia, with the majority of species being found there. They are formidable predators and can take down large prey with the assistance of their massive fangs and powerful venom.  A Simple Guide for keeping with all essential information can be found in our Funnel Web Care Guide available on our site Click Here.   

The three main described genera of Funnel-Web:

  • Hadronyche – this genus is the most widely distributed genus and contains the most species. Both of the tree-dwelling species (Hadronyche formidabilis and Hadronyche cerberea) belong to this genus aswell.
  • Atrax – this genus contains only three species, one of these includes the infamous Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus)
  • Illawarra – this is a rare genus containing only one species and is only found on the south coast of New South Wales

 Australian Funnel-Web are currently poorly described, with only a handful of described species. It is understood that there are many more undescribed species.